The Grand Junction Lions Club Include STRiVE in their 2019 Giving.

The Grand Junction Lions Club is proud to contribute funds to the community each year through our annual raffle ticket and carnival fundraiser.


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – The Grand Junction Lions Club named 15 local non-profit groups as their 2019 grant recipients.

Those non-profits include, but are not limited to schools, community food banks and physical education centers.

The groups and the club gathered to share their spending plans for the money.

The $145,000 in grants will begin to be disbursed among the 15 organizations after the Lions Club Carnival in February and will continue to be disbursed through September of this year.

Club members and local non-profit groups say they’re excited to start new plans with the money from the grants, as they hope to make a few upgrades and positive impacts throughout different areas in the Grand Valley.

“We’re doing band instruments for East Middle School, wrestling mats, basketball uniforms, and that’s just some of the school district stuff, but then you look at the community food bank that we’re giving money to, the Center for Children that we’re giving money to, all of these affect different parts of the community,” said Grand Junction Lions Club President Scott Feddersen.

“It’s going to help over thousands of student athletes, all the way from the little guys, to middle school and high schoolers,” said Central High School Wrestling Coach Clint Trujillo.

“There is a lot of kids out there that need some different kinds of equipment to enjoy things, and we’ve got some really great ideas on some stuff that we’re going to put in there, and this funding helps with that,” said STRIVE Vice President Doug Sorter.

The Grand Junction Lions Club will raise the funds by selling raffle tickets to its carnival and parade on Saturday, February 16th. The club says that they expect to raise about $200,000 in funds.

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