STRiVE Host Home Provider Information
STRiVE Host Home Provider Information

Become A Host Home Provider

These services and supports are typically delivered in the provider’s home. It is expected that individuals will be fully integrated into the host providers’ family life. Host home providers must be unrelated to the individual receiving services. There can be no more than three individuals residing in any host home.

STRiVE Host Home Selection Process

STRiVE prefers recruiting host home providers who already have a supportive relationship with the individuals being considered for placement. This helps to increase the chances of a successful long-term placement. However, if a pre-established relationship with a host home is not available for the client, STRiVE will pre-qualify individuals as potential host home providers. A meet and greet is then scheduled between the individual seeking services and the qualifying providers.

The pre-qualification process will minimally involve the following:

To become a STRiVE host home, several steps need to be taken to ensure that the provider has the necessary knowledge and appropriate background checks to safely care for an individual with disabilities in their home. Initially, host home providers are required to complete and submit the application items mentioned below. These items are then reviewed by the Residential Department:

Next, applicants will be set up with a training schedule to obtain the state-mandated training required:

  • Internal Training requirements

When considering moving a specific individual into a host home, the individual must visit the potential provider’s home several times, even if they are already known to the provider. This multiple visitation process is in place to ensure that the match is suitable and that all involved parties are making an informed placement decision. All such visits will be documented.

Upon placement, our STRiVE Host Home Monitors will regularly visit the host home to provide support and monitor the provision of services to the individual as follows:

  • Monthly or Quarterly home visits.
  • On Call Support 24/7
  • Training is provided monthly in person.
  • Nursing Support
  • Behavior Support


Assisting those with developmental disabilities.

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