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The News and Updates from STRiVE.

STRiVE is Thankful For…

With fall in the air and turkey dinner on the mind someone recently asked me what we were thankful for and it reminded me of a post I had seen on social media from Merritt & Associates GC Inc. of a story by Sharon Sullivan. Their post says, "Read this story about...

Lower Valley Pumpkin Patch Donates to STRiVE!

Thanks to the Lower Valley Pumpkin Patch, located at 1901 O Road in Fruita, families like Amy Deschamp will have pumpkins this year! The great folks from the Pumpkin Patch, "Loaded up a truckload of pumpkins to take to Strive," Thursday morning. Commenting that they,...

Honoring Deputy Geer

Just in case you missed it... In February 2017, staff and clients at STRiVE's Fruitvale Court Day Site had an opportunity to present the Deputy Geer's family with a handmade card from the individuals in service. Many STRiVE members and individuals felt a connection to...

STRiVE’s Grand Junction Host Home Program

Lauren Klenda:                  Hey everyone. I'm joined now by Doug Sorter on behalf of STRiVE. Doug, thank you for coming in today. Doug Sorter:                      Lauren, thanks so much. Lauren Klenda:                  Well, I love having...


private non-profit organization STRiVE is authorized by the State of Colorado to provide community-based services and supports to individuals with disabilities and their families. STRiVE has been providing services and support to individuals and families with developmental disabilities in Mesa County for over 50 years. As the community needs have increased so has the diversity of our programs. “STRiVE” represents our staff and the people we support every day.

We Strive to provide the best person-centered services, and our clients Strive to be independent and take greater control of their lives.

People Supporting People

Our organization is made up of over 350 employees qualified & trained to provide quality, result driven services in our over 12 Day and Supported Employment Programs and more than 17 Residential Sites. Are you ready to join our team?!


950 Grand Ave.
Grand Junction CO. 81501

Botanical Gardens
641 Struthers Ave.
Grand Junction CO. 81501

Uniquely Yours

443 Main Street,
Grand Junction, CO. 81501

STRiVE is here to provide the personalized care individuals need as we Strive to provide the best person-centered services, and our clients Strive to be independent and take greater control of their lives..

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