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Volunteers Helping Out

STRiVE Organization Services

STRiVE provides a full spectrum of services and supports for adults with developmental disabilities, families raising a child with a disability, and infants and toddlers who have been identified as developmentally delayed or at risk for developmental disabilities.  Most services are customized to the need of the individual via a wide range of programs.

STRiVE Child and Family Services

Children’s Services

The Early Intervention program provides support and services to children with developmental delays or disabilities and their families, from birth until the child’s third birthday. Therapeutic services are designed around developmental needs and concerns and provided in natural learning environments such as the family home, playgrounds, and other community settings.

The Children’s Extensive Support Waiver (CESW) helps families meet the challenges of caring for their child with developmental disabilities by providing Medicaid benefits, additional targeted services, and support to children with developmental disabilities or delays. Services include respite, community connector and homemaker services.

Residential & Supported Living from STRiVE

Residential & Supported Living Services

The Residential Services program offers community-based living arrangements that are catered to the needs of each individual. STRiVE has transitioned residential services to a primary host home model (residences where families or singles willingly shelter and care for one or more STRiVE clients). Minimal support staff is also available for clients living independently in homes or apartments.

Supported Living Services (SLS) for clients who are 18 years and older and living in their own homes or with their families. Services and support are tailored to meet the individual’s needs and circumstances, and to promote independence, integration, and productivity.

Residential & Supported Living from STRiVE
STRiVE Employment Services

STRiVE Vocational Services

STRiVE provides two distinct types of employment-related services, in addition to programs that foster an enhanced quality of life and support community inclusion.

  • Supported Employment – Small Group
  • Supported Employment – Individualized
  • Specialized Habilitation Services

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STRiVE Behavioral Services for adults and children.

STRiVE Behavioral Health Services

The Behavioral Health Department provides a variety of services and supports to persons served by Strive, who are experiencing increased mental/emotional health needs and behavioral challenges.  Services are targeted to help people live healthier lives in regard to their mind, body, and overall health.

STRiVE Behavioral Services for adults and children.

Assisting those with developmental disabilities.

Made up of over 250 employees. The STRiVE Organization is qualified and trained to provide quality, results driven services with a variety of programs, including residential host home services. We are an organization that continually sees the needs in the community and strives to make a difference in those areas.