About The STRiVE Organization
About The STRiVE Organization

STRIVE Board Of Directors

Our board members are dedicated, community volunteers who oversee the financial, operational and long-term plan for STRiVE. Our board is made up of a variety of individuals and professionals including business consultants, accountants, teachers, attorneys, medical services and parents.

Upcoming Meetings

  • April 25
  • June 6 (May Annual Meeting)
  • June 27

Grant Jackson

President/CEO of STRiVE

Member Since 2018

Tawny Espinoza


Member Since 2017

Justin Aubert

Quality Health Network

Member Since 2020

Krista Ubersox


Member Since 2019

Tamara Krizman


Member Since 2020

Terry Pickens

Family Member

Member Since 2019

Randy Brown


Member Since 2020

Kevin Fitzgerald, MD

Vice Chair

Member Since 2019

David Hayden


Member Since 2019

Mike Nordine

Grand Junction Police Department

Member Since 2010

Brandi Coleman

Individual in Services

Member Since 2022

Board Of Directors Agenda ’24


Assisting those with developmental disabilities.

Made up of over 250 employees. The STRiVE Organization is qualified and trained to provide quality, results driven services with a variety of programs, including residential host home services. We are an organization that continually sees the needs in the community and strives to make a difference in those areas.