About STRiVE's Executive Board

Our board members are dedicated, community volunteers who oversee the financial, operational and long-term plan for STRiVE. Our board is made up of a variety of individuals and professionals including business consultants, accountants, teachers, attorneys, medical services and parents.

Grant Jackson

President/CEO of STRiVE

Member Since 2018


Scott Coleman

Parent of an individual in services


Member Since 2012

Steve Ammentorp


Community Bank

Member Since 2014

Stephanie Keller


Member Since 2016

Tawny Espinoza


Member Since 2017

Justin Aubert

Justin Aubert

Quality Health Network

Member Since 2020

Krista Ubersox

Krista Ubersox

GJ Housing Authority

Member Since 2019

Jim Grisier


Member Since 2017

Tracey Garchar 2018

Tracey Garchar

Mesa County Human Services

Member Since 2019

Justin Ward

Individual in Services

Member Since 2018

Terry Pickens

Family Member

Member Since 2019

STRiVE Colorado Grand Junction Next Volunteer

Randy Brown

Attorney at  Law

Member Since 2020

Kevin Fitzgerald, MD



Member Since 2019

David Hayden



Member Since 2019

Mike Nordine

Grand Junction Police Department

Member Since 2010


 The meetings are scheduled on the last Tuesday of each month.

12:00 – 1:30 pm



 August 25

September 29

October 27

December 8 (Nov-DecMeeting)

January 26, 2021

February 23

March 30

April 27

May 25 (Annual)

June 29



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