STRiVE Services
STRiVE Services

Behavioral Health Department

STRiVE’s Behavioral Health Department employs a dedicated clinical behavioral health team to assist our host home providers, family care givers, and staff in supporting our individuals through their challenging behaviors. The first step in our support is identifying the purpose the challenging behavior serves for the individual; this is part of what we call the Functional Assessment. After the Functional Assessment we will continue to work with clients and all providers to develop a treatment plan, known as a Behavior Support Plan, to outline modifications to address decreasing the challenging behavior.

Our team is made up of behavior line staff who work one on one with individuals to identify skill deficits in categories of self-care, communication, leisure activities, vocational, problem solving, coping, independent living, and relational skills. These areas improve quality of life and often are related to a reduction of challenging behavior. Furthermore, we have behavior specialists on hand to assist in consultation and training of staff involved in vocational and residential care. Behavior Analysts manage all clinical oversight.


Assisting those with developmental disabilities.

Made up of over 250 employees. The STRiVE Organization is qualified and trained to provide quality, results driven services with a variety of programs, including residential host home services. We are an organization that continually sees the needs in the community and strives to make a difference in those areas.