STRiVE Services
STRiVE Services

STRiVE Behavioral Health Department

The Behavior Health Department provides a variety of services available to persons served by Strive on the DD waiver. These services are provided to those who may need help and behavior supports and interventions. These services are targeted to help people live healthier lives in regard to their mind, body, and overall health. The Behavior team works with the IDT team to provide needed supports. There are a variety of services that a person might need depending on his or her individual challenges. One person may need help with frustration, while another may be managing bipolar disorder – and another might need help with an increased level of anxiety, etc.

The services are targeted to assist with a variety of issues – everything from depression to anxiety to verbal/physical aggression and much more. The issue a person is facing will determine which type of behavior services will be provided and what service is most relevant. This can range from a behavior support plan, behavior line staff support, individual/group counseling, etc. In addition, we are able to provide behavior health services in the home setting, voc. setting, day program, and the community.

Residential Living Services

Residential Services

The Residential Services program offers community-based living arrangements that are catered to the needs of each individual. Options include twelve supervised group homes, host homes and congregate apartments. Minimal support staff is also available for clients living independently in homes or apartments.

Residential & Supported Living from STRiVE

Supported Living Services (SLS)

SLS is for clients who are 18 years and older, and living in their own homes or with their families. Services and support are tailored to meet the individual’s needs and circumstances, and to promote independence, integration and productivity. It is participant driven and offers choice in service providers.

Residential & Supported Living from STRiVE
STRiVE Small Community Services

Supported Community Small Group

At STRiVE, there are a number of supported community small group opportunities including work at Western Colorado Botanical Gardens, Uniquely Yours, The Recycling Crew, Wood Shop Program, Sweet Treasures, Mobile Crews, Sweet Beginnings and Sweet Success.

STRiVE Prevocational Services

Prevocational Services

At STRiVE, pre-vocational skills are offered through Labor Solutions which focuses on four main skills. Including Community Business, Community Employment, Community Integration and Life Skills.

STRiVE Prevocational Services

Assisting those with developmental disabilities.

Made up of over 350 employees. The STRiVE Organization is qualified and trained to provide quality, results driven services with over 12 Day and Supported Employment Programs and 4 Residential Sites. We are an organization that continually sees the needs in the community and strives to make a difference in those areas.