STRiVE Residential Supported Living Services
STRiVE Residential Supported Living Services

Host Home Services

STRiVE’s Host Home services program is designed to provide individuals with an opportunity to live within a stable home environment and community of their choosing. 

We understand that we are all unique and have a wide range of interests and activity levels, and desire different things in life.  Our goal is to help the people we serve create the life they want to live by building a strong and stable foundation.

Finding the right match is paramount for the long-term success of the amazing people in our programs.  STRiVE uses a collaborative, person- centered approach to supporting individuals and their family to identify the ideal host home.  Our Host Home providers are required to complete a robust training program to become caregivers and receive ongoing training and support.  A Western Slope service provider for over 50 years, we continue to specialize in providing high needs services and wrap-around support, with host homes located throughout Mesa and Delta County.

Meet our wonderful host home staff!

Strive Employee Megan

Megan Hale

Host Home Director
P. 970-644-1554

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Sarah Higley

Host Home Manager
P. 970-712-8166

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Ashley Dixon

CES/SLS Supervisor
P. 970-644-1553

Sabrina Ghrist

Host Home Monitor
P. 970-773-3837

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Dallas Harper

Host Home Monitor
P. 970-773-8571

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Mikeal Henning

Host Home Monitor
P. 970-644-1309

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Assisting those with developmental disabilities.

Made up of over 250 employees. The STRiVE Organization is qualified and trained to provide quality, results driven services with a variety of programs, including residential host home services. We are an organization that continually sees the needs in the community and strives to make a difference in those areas.