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STRiVE is a private, non-profit organization authorized by the State of Colorado to provide community-based services and supports to individuals with disabilities and their families. STRiVE has been providing services and support to individuals and families with developmental disabilities in Mesa County for over 50 years. As the community needs have increased so has the diversity of our programs. “STRiVE” represents our staff and the people we support every day.
STRiVE offers a coordinated spectrum of care and support services that range from minimal to around-the-clock assistance for people with all levels of intellectual, physical and mental challenges. STRiVE’s mission is support people who strive to meet their full potential. STRiVE is a partnership of people supporting people. 

STRiVE is here to provide the personalized care individuals need as we Strive to provide the best person-centered services, and our clients Strive to be independent and take greater control of their lives.

June 8, 2020 

Dear Friends and Colleagues; 

We here at STRiVE want to express our unending support for equality and humanity for all people. We are sickened and saddened by the senseless murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN and the many others who have died before him at the hands of systemic racism in our country. We support the Black Lives Matter movement because we know that all lives do not matter unless BLACK LIVES MATTER. STRiVE is an agency and a community of people who are inclusive of everyone. In our storied past our organization has been known as an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ+ community in the Grand Valley. I am honored to work with a community organization that is dedicated to being purveyors and advocates of equality. 

As such, we will not be passive in the face of racism in our valley. We will be agents of change by challenging all forms of prejudice and racism. We will uphold our value of inclusion and educate those who we work with to understand what a fair and equitable society is and to do our part to help build a community that is free of all forms of racism and bigotry. 

We want to be part of the change that needs to happen in our community and country. We won’t pretend to have all of the answers. However, we do know that it is time to listen, watch out for one another and speak up against injustices. We are fully committed to be part of the solution and to do the tough job of holding each other accountable. 

We value Black lives just as we do the lives of the amazing people we support. Our agency has always fought for the rights of those who have been marginalized, and that commitment will continue for our fellow Black citizens. We must be part of the change we want to see in the world. The truth is all lives do not matter until Black Lives Matter. 

Stay Healthy, 

Grant Jackson President/CEO STRiVE 

Download the signed Letter here 

STRiVE's partnership with Alida’s

STRiVE’s partnership with Alida’s is a testament to our belief that true community inclusion of the individuals who experience a developmental disability is paramount to achieving their goals and dreams. Through this program individuals who participate in STRiVE vocational programming will work alongside others from the community who have a passion for producing prized, high quality, “Colorado Proud” products with local fruit and vegetables. Because of this, we are extremely proud and excited to work with Bob and Alida to continue their tradition of excellence and to provide a true purpose-led, social impact business to the Grand Valley!

Child & Family Services

Services include: Infant/Toddler Early Intervention, Family Support, Children’s Home and Community Based Support, Children’s Extensive Support Waiver.

Early Childhood Intervention

Family Support Services Helping with skills for communicating, problem-solving, social integration, coping, and independence.

Adult Services

Services include: Residential, Supported Living Services, Host Home Care, Prevocational as well as Supported Community Employment Small Group.

STRiVE Upcoming Events for 2020

The Event schedule for 2020 is Full of Fun and Opportunities to Support the People Supporting People. 

2020 Events will be listed and updated as restrictions and regulations allow. 

STRiVE is Grateful to United Way of Mesa County.

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People Supporting People

Our organization is made up of over 350 employees qualified & trained to provide quality, result driven services in our over 12 Day and Supported Employment Programs and 4 Residential Sites. Are you ready to join our team?

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