Josie's Story

People Supporting People

Losing a family member is a heartbreaking experience, particularly when you are far away from them and unable to assist. Sadly, this was a recent situation of a local Host Home family. Life can be unpredictable and can take unexpected turns, regardless of how well-prepared you are.

While she was away from home, Josie Mullaly, a long-time Host Home provider and guardian for Ariel Clinical Services, received the heartbreaking news that her aunt, Kathy Clapper Floyd, had passed away. Having no prior health issues, her aunts sudden death was unexpected, and left behind two pets – a senior cat and dog – that needed someone to take care of them.

This is where our wonderful community comes to play. Ms. Floyd’s two beloved pets were her constant companions, and the animals were inseparable. As they were senior pets, rehoming them was a challenging task. However, AbleLight, an organization that Ms. Mullally was in touch with while she was out of town, came to their rescue. They immediately began their search for a foster home that would take both pets together and with their tireless efforts, were able to find temporary placement for the two animals. But the story doesn’t end there.

STRiVE Services heard about the situation and one of their Host Home providers offered to take both animals into their home. They were a perfect match, and the animals adjusted to their new surroundings almost instantly. Ms. Floyd’s family can now find solace in the fact that her beloved pets are well taken care of and live in a loving environment.

When groups of different people can all come together to help someone in need, this community thrives. None of this would have been possible without the willingness of three agencies to step up and offer help, even though it wasn’t expected of them. They made what felt like an impossible situation possible and brought peace of mind to family members who needed it the most. This is just one example of how working together can help the heart of this community grow stronger!

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