Sponsor Spotlight: Community Hospital

Sponsor Spotlight: Rocky Mountain Health Plans

A supporting member not only to the STRiVE Organization, but our Colorado community as a whole, we would like to say thanks to Rocky Mountain Health Plans for their continued support.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans Sponsored Events

  • Sponsor of our 2023 Harvest Illuminated

About Rocky Mountain Health Plans in Grand Junction

Our members are our neighbors, friends, and fellow Coloradans – real people overcoming real challenges. At Rocky Mountain Health Plans, we are right here with you, rolling up our sleeves to do what it takes to reach better outcomes. We work closely with local doctors, non-profits, county and state leaders, and community partners to tackle pressing issues and find unique solutions. Through it all, we build real relationships that have real impact for real people, right here.

Grand Junction Location

2775 Crossroads Blvd
Grand Junction, CO 81506

P. 970-243-7050
W. Visit Website

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