Disabled Know Your Voting Rights

Disability Discrimination: Know Your Voting Rights

Did you know some disabled Americans don’t have the right to vote and those that do are unaware of what their rights are?

In 2002 Congress passed the Help America Vote Act or HAVA, authorizing a protection/advocacy program protecting the voting rights of people with disabilities. In Colorado, this program is called VOTE!

According to the CSM,

Millions of voting-age Americans with disabilities face numerous obstacles to cast their ballots in elections, including a recent return to paper ballots, poorly trained poll workers, and physically inaccessible polling places.

While a study by the Government Accountability Office shows

nearly two-thirds of the 137 polling places inspected on Election Day 2016 had at least one impediment to people with disabilities & that state inspections of voting accessibility had fallen nationally over the same time.

That’s why STRiVE has partnered with Disability Law Colorado & PEAK Parent Center to host a ‘Voting Rights & Responsibilities for People with Disabilities’ event.

DLC believes,

that people with disabilities not only have the right to vote, but also the obligation to make their voices heard.

Their vision is,

to encourage Coloradans with disabilities to vote in every election and to develop a life-long habit of voting and civic engagement.

Join us for:

  • Interactive activities for teens
  • What are your rights
  • The laws that provide access for people with disabilities to vote
  • The in’s and out’s of registering to vote (bring your Colorado State ID or drivers license to get registered)
  • Voting requirements
  • Accessibility at the voting poll
  • Are you registered to vote?

Where: STRiVE 790 Wellington Ave. GJ,

When: Tuesday, September 25 

Time: 4:30 PM – 6 PM

Register online or via phone by 9/24/18: http://bit.lyVR-GJ or 719-531-9400.

You can also visit www.peakparent.org for more information.

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