Supported Community Employment Small Group

At Strive there are a number of supported community small group opportunities including…

The Botanical Gardens

Opportunities from grounds work to working in the gift shop and the children’s castle. Individuals in this program also help in setting up for community events, to include concerts, weddings and birthday parties. This program provides the opportunity for a group of individuals to work as a well-oiled machine and to interact with community members as they tour the gardens, visit the butterfly pavilion, hold meetings in the library and enjoy other activities.

The Recycling Crew

Visiting homes and businesses where they collect recyclable materials, sort the materials based upon industry standards, deliver to companies for disposal. In this process they develop a sense of pride in keeping their community clean, focus on team work and become actively involved in the community, with the community and, for the community.

Uniquely Yours

A business located on Main Street in Grand Junction. Individuals in this program design and create original jewelry as well as designing, painting and decorating flower pots. They participate in the marketing of theirs and others art work. They interact with customers and assist in sales.

The Wood Shop Program

Supervised by a craftsman who thrives on teaching the individuals involved how to work with tools, from the most simple to the most complex. Activities involve measuring, cutting and building chairs, tables, cabinets, benches, game boards, decorative wall art, etc. Participants are also engaged in the construction of planter boxes and landscaping. The individuals in this program take orders, assist in the construction and the delivery of their products.

Secret Treasures

A new program which is rapidly gaining interest from individuals in expressing their artistic side. Currently they are making plates (from pressing the clay to firing the plates then painting and glazing the finished products). They are engaged in making wine caddies, humming bird feeders and other artistic ventures based upon personal interest.

The Mobile Crews

They thrive on community contracts to maintain lawns for community members and businesses. The individuals in these groups love the outdoors and are consistently challenged in keeping up with the mowing, weed eating and cleaning of properties.

Sweet Beginnings and  Sweet Success

Two programs designed for individuals interested in the culinary field. Individuals begin by being taught the skills of measuring, portioning, and preparing edible and non-edible products. As skills increase individuals participate in catering agency activities, baking sweets and preparing snacks.