The Residential Services program offers community-based living arrangements that are catered to the needs of each individual. Options include twelve supervised group homes, host homes and congregate apartments. Minimal support staff is also available for clients living independently in homes or apartments.

Supported Living Services (SLS)

SLS is for clients who are 18 years and older, and living in their own homes or with their families. Services and support are tailored to meet the individual’s needs and circumstances, and to promote independence, integration and productivity. It is participant driven and offers choice in service providers.

Supported Community Small Group

At STRiVE, there are a number of supported community small group opportunities including work at Western Colorado Botanical Gardens, Uniquely Yours, The Recycling Crew, Wood Shop Program, Sweet Treasures, Mobile Crews, Sweet Beginnings and Sweet Success.    

Pre-Vocational Services

At STRiVE, pre-vocational skills are offered through Labor Solutions which focuses on four main skills. Including Community Business, Community Employment, Community Integration and Life Skills. Click for more info…

Specialized Habilitation Services and Supports

At STRiVE, specialized habilitation services and supports are offered in four distinct settings which enable an individual to attain the maximum functioning level or to be supported in such a manner that allows an individual to gain an increased level of self-sufficiency. Including the Milestones Program, Community Support Program, Wellness & Active Wellness Programs, as well as the Golden Years Retirement Program. Click for more info…

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