Specialized Habilitation Services and Supports

At Strive, specialized habilitation services and supports are offered in four distinct settings which enable an individual to attain the maximum functioning level or to be supported in such a manner that allows an individual to gain an increased level of self-sufficiency.

Services are designed to assist an individual with the acquisition, retention or improvement of self-help, socialization and adaptive skills as well as provided in a non-integrated setting where a majority of the individuals have a disability.

Individuals are provided the required assistance in self-feeding, toileting, self-care, sensory stimulation and integration. Many of the activities are coordinated with physical, occupational or speech therapies listed in the individual’s service plan.

The Milestones Program

Focusing on serving adults who have challenging behaviors which fall under the Autism spectrum. Individual specific activities are offered in both an indoor and outdoor setting with swings, water features, and individualized activities.

Community Support Program  (CSP)

A tactilely stimulating program that involves community outings, exposure to multiple activities, arts and crafts, social skill building, group and individual activities.

The Wellness and Active Wellness Programs

Serving individuals with extensive medical needs. The high staffing ratio in these programs ensures enhanced care and activities for all of the individuals involved.

The Golden Years Retirement Program

Combining habilitation services with the concept of community integration in a retirement setting. Individuals in this group are provided opportunities to enjoy retirement combined with group and individual activities and community outings.