Alida’s Fruits and STRiVE Partner to provide a true purpose-led, social impact business to Grand Junction and Palisade Colorado.

Alida's Fruit partners with STRiVE

Where Person-Centered Practices Guide Services & Supports

STRiVE was founded on February 14, 1966 and has been an integral part of Western Colorado’s Grand Valley ever since, operating as a non-profit agency that serves individuals who experience developmental challenges as well as their families. The team at STRiVE truly believes that it is our collective differences as people that make the community we live in unique and wonderful and when we as a community celebrate our differences we become stronger as a whole. Our organization has developed a culture of person centeredness, through the belief that the individuals and families we support have the right to self-determination and to choose their own path in life. We are simply here to be active partners along the way.

Our partnership with Alida’s is a testament to our belief that true community inclusion of the individuals who experience a developmental disability is paramount to achieving their goals and dreams. Through this program individuals who participate in STRiVE vocational programming will work alongside others from the community who have a passion for producing prized, high quality, “Colorado Proud” products with local fruit and vegetables. Because of this, we are extremely proud and excited to work with Bob and Alida to continue their tradition of excellence and to provide a true purpose-led, social impact business to the Grand Valley!

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