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STRiVE's Mission

STRiVE provides an array of person centered, community-based services and supports that assist people with developmental disabilities to achieve their fullest potential. STRiVE provides programs in an atmosphere that fosters self-esteem and confidence, and enhances each person’s opportunity for independence and growth. STRiVE is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors composed of consumers and family members, as well as human service and business professionals. STRiVE is funded primarily (80%) through the Colorado Department of Human Services and fees from disability payments, with supplemental funding from Mesa County, private donors and grants.

STRiVE's Vision

Our vision is for every person we serve to be included in all facets of the community, free to exercise the greatest degree of personal independence and empowered to pursue individual goals and dreams.

STRiVE's Values

STRiVE is committed to, and holds these values as essential for, the quality of our operation:

Integrity, Compassion, Mutual Trust, Respect, Teamwork, Meaningful Contributions, Accountability, Stability, Dependability & Positive Attitude.

Our Story

STRiVE, formerly known as Mesa Developmental Services, has been serving Mesa County residents for over 50 years. Offering a variety of services to help families and support individuals with developmental disabilities, STRiVE is a partnership of people supporting people.

Throughout the history of our organization, we have been striving to fill in the gaps that exist in support services by providing qualified occupational therapy, respite, vocational, residential and other child and family support opportunities. As the needs have increased so has the diversity of our programs.

The new identity “STRiVE,” represents our staff and the people we support every day.

As we STRiVE to provide the best possible person-centered services, our clients STRiVE every day to be independent and take greater control of their lives.

Our organization is made up of over 350 employees. Our staff is qualified and trained to provide quality, results driven services with over 12 Day and Supported Employment Programs and more than 17 Residential Sites. We are an organization that continually sees the needs in the community and strives to make a difference in those areas.

What is a developmental disability?

A developmental disability is defined as a severe mental, physical, or combined impairment manifested in a person over 5 years of age and before age 22, which is likely to continue indefinitely and constitute a substantial handicap to the affected individual.

The disability is attributed to mental retardation or related conditions including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, head trauma or other neurological conditions.

The disability must result in impairment of general intellectual functioning or adaptive behavior. Children under age 5 determined to be at risk for developmental delays or disabilities are also eligible for early intervention treatment and services, which can be preventative services for many.

People Supporting People

Our organization is made up of over 350 employees qualified & trained to provide quality, result driven services in our over 12 Day and Supported Employment Programs and more than 17 Residential Sites. Are you ready to join our team?!

Vocational & Day Sites

2404 Teller Avenue

2435 Belford Avenue

2850 Chipeta Avenue

508 Fruitvale Ct.


950 Grand Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501

The Parenting Place

516 N 15th St, Grand Junction, CO

Stores & Attractions

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens
641 Struthers Ave, Grand Junction

Uniquely Yours
443 Main St, Grand Junction

Get your Tulips and Juleps Tickets Today

Saturday, May 6th

Get Tickets
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