STRiVE, an organization in Grand Junction that helps people with developmental disabilities, is working to open up a brand new building.

Their new space will be on Wellington Avenue, just east of St. Mary’s, and will help STRiVE offer more resources to the community.

They tell us their old building on Grand Avenue is so outdated, on rainy days several of their rooms flood.

The new building will have a diagnostic clinic for kids, playrooms and a nurse triage center, among other resources. It will also serve as a professional environment for people with developmental disabilities.

“They (people with developmental disabilities) are going to need support all their lives,” Doug Sorter, vice president of STRiVE, said. “So, providing a future for them — long past my years — this is going to be around so we can have those supports and those services for not only them, but their families.”

STRiVE will close on the new building January 31, 2019.

They are asking for help funding the new building which will cost them around $7.3 million.

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