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A brand new facility is being built for STRiVE, a Grand Junction nonprofit.

STRiVE to open a new facility – According to KREX News 5

A brand new facility is being built for one Grand Junction nonprofit. STRiVE is moving uptown to a brand new center that’s being built specifically for their needs, and the new center is mere steps away from St. Mary’s. It will include things like environmentally friendly lights and high speed internet. There’s a few months left on construction, but KREX 5 News got a sneak peek.

If you’ve been curious about the construction happening on Wellington, just across from St. Mary’s, the fenced off building will soon become the brand new home of one of Grand Junction’s important nonprofits.

STRiVE is an organization that supports adults and children with developmental disabilities. Their old location downtown is considered outdated, and after years of operating in the same place, it’s time for a change.

This new facility is being built almost from the ground up, with nothing left but the shell of what was there before. Because of how new it is, the building will include the latest technology available, including high speed internet access.

And starting from scratch allows STRiVE to design the center to fit the exact needs of their clients, something new for both the organization, and the community.

They hope to open the new facility in late January, although construction is ahead of schedule and should be finished around Thanksgiving.

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