STRIVE provides a multitude of services for the Grand Valley’s special needs community.


TRIVE, which provides a multitude of services for the Grand Valley’s special needs community, is moving into a new facility next year, and today the agency showed off the architectural drawing of the new building at a meeting at KREX 5.
Strive Vice President of Development Doug Sorter discussed the plans for the new building, which will be located at 790 Wellington Ave, next to the St. Mary’s Medical complex.
Sorter says the new building will help meet the needs of its constituents for years to come, be better designed for special needs people, and will be easier for people to get to because of its location.
“It is located right in the heart of the medical community,” Sorter said. “Most of our folks either walk, ride their bikes, or ride the bus to get to us. The transportation system all culminates right there.”
The total cost of the building is $7.3 million, with $3.8 million coming from donations. Strive has sold its current building, and plans to move into the new facility at the end of January, 2019.

If you would like to donate to the building fund, click here.

STRiVE requires a facility that is safe and appropriate to its needs, that secures a solid future and provides for expanded services to the community..

“Framing The Future” allows STRiVE to purchase and occupy a well built, high-quality working space that will serve as its new home.  Located at 790 Wellington in Grand Junction’s medical services district, the 30,000-square-foot building will provide STRiVE individuals with greatly-improved hospitality, confidentiality and comfort, and employees with efficient, safe and pleasant workspaces.

With the mission to help individuals achieve their fullest potential – by fostering self-esteem and confidence, and enhancing opportunity for independence and growth .

More than 530 children and their families, as well as 930+ adults, currently rely on STRiVE’s compassionate and loyal assistance with housing, employment/day programming, independent daily living, early intervention and parenting/family support, autism diagnosis and support, case management, medical and behavioral health assistance, and transportation.