To all STRiVE champions,

I wanted to share these two items that the Daily Sentinel produced so perfectly on our behalf.  The editorial staff states our position exactly as we had hoped, fully explaining our quest to secure a future for the population we serve.  Amy did a terrific job addressing the actual people we support and she plans to do a few more articles demonstrating our capabilities and importance in the Grand Junction community.

We launched our community outreach campaign for the new facility starting with the Daily Sentinel, as the capital campaign committee felt this would be the best approach.  They were correct and we have received a tremendous amount of follow up interest and media coverage.  In addition to the Sentinel, Robert Bray suggested we produce a short series of paid advertisements depicting several board members, leadership team and individuals served. We are currently developing these ads and will be drawing on some of you to participate if you’re willing.

Lastly, we are in the planning stages with KREX TV and MBC Grand Radio to also push more of the capital campaign information into the community.  Both organizations have expressed a desire to assist STRiVE in this endeavor at no cost and providing a high level of expertise.

Please click on and read the article and the editorial from the Daily Sentinel I have provided the links to both below.


Reporter Amy Hamilton


Sentinel Editorial Board Andy Smith

Thank you,