Just in case you missed it…

In February 2017, staff and clients at STRiVE’s Fruitvale Court Day Site had an opportunity to present the Deputy Geer’s family with a handmade card from the individuals in service.

Many STRiVE members and individuals felt a connection to the event and Deputy Geer.

According to one news agency, it was an employee of STRIVE that called 911 to report a man with a handgun walking in the vicinity. The employee watched the man walk to the end of Fruitvale Court, cross Interstate 70 Business Loop and when he reached the railroad tracks, the employee heard two loud noises he believed to be gunshots.

This event gave them the opportunity to donate to his family and show their support to honor his memory.

Deputy Geer lost his life in February of 2016 in service to his community and will be remembered by many in the Grand Valley.

Geer was kept on life support for two days so his organs could be donated. His service drew hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the country as well as community members that lined the streets from the memorial to the cemetery.