Monday (April 10th) the Mesa County Commissioners proclaimed April as Autism Awareness Month!

Children and adults in Mesa County facing the challenges of autism have had very limited services and supports available locally. One in 88 children are born with autism, yet funding for services is very limited. Through the years, STRiVE has served children to age three with autism in the Infant and Toddler Early Intervention Program, and we serve adults with autism who are on the intellectual deficit side of the spectrum. Those with higher IQs were unsupported.

With STRiVE, individuals with autism have local services and support to help them learn new skills for communicating, problem-solving, social integration and coping. Adults are also assisted with skills of independence, job/career development, social skills, counseling and behavioral supports.

Our highly trained staffs are licensed, and board certified specialists. We also offer staff and family training to support individuals with autism, connect parents with other families experiencing the same challenges, teach self-advocacy and offer workshops and training in emerging autism topics.

Audyssey works closely with JFK Partners and the University of Colorado and holds membership in the Colorado Autism Society, Colorado Autism Commission, and the Mesa County Autism Task Force, composed of autism treatment professionals and parents seeking help for their children with autism.

For information contact 970-256-8661