Did you miss our event?

‘Honoring the past, embracing the future’-Recognizing those who have helped make STRiVE strong.

Here’s a review of the article Sharon Sullivan wrote about it:

73 attended the luncheon to thank former STRiVE board members and supporters like, Eula Boelke who was presented with the FIRST-EVER Champion Award for being a longtime advocate for those with developmental disabilities, going so far as to speak on behalf of the disabled before the U.S. Congress in Washington!

Doug Sorter the Vice-president of Business Operations and Development was on hand to recognize Ron Enyart for his 10 years of service to STRiVE.

Enyart thanked STRiVE for helping him find steady work over the past decade & for introducing him to his lovely wife Anita.

A local mother of a young boy with autism, Krystal Kitz Man, spoke movingly about when she and her husband first noticed something different about their child. She praised STRiVE’s Early Childhood Intervention specialist and the Audyssey Autism Services for helping them cope with the challenges.

She attributed being able to stay in town and the ability for her son to be FULLY integrated into First Grade to the wonderful staff and services at STRiVE.

Cedaredge resident Josie Mullallyly also captured the audience’s attention with her emotional account of being a host home provider for men and women served by STRiVE. Recounting stories of taking individuals to events and activities that many of them had never before experienced.

Mullay said, ‘We’re exposing them to the community; to life,” Mullally says. “Some of these guys were dropped off when they were very young, and don’t have family. We have to be the mom, dad, sister, friend – we’re trying to make their life better – even if it’s just getting out in the sunshine – little things that we take for granted.”

STRiVE CEO Sharon Jacksi thanked community partners who have helped make STRiVE the strong agency it has become since the agency was founded 50 years ago.

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