Children and adults facing the challenges of autism can benefit from individualized intervention and support services. Our services offer the guidance and support individuals with autism and their families need to help them understand the issues related to autism and to learn new skills for communicating, problem solving, social integration and coping. Each individual is unique and our approach is customized to the person. We offer a multi service model and referral to other providers based on achieving the best outcome.

Training Consultation and Supports

• Support and self-advocacy parent groups

• Quarterly workshops for emerging topics in autism conducted by national experts

• Staff and family training in supporting individuals with autism

Audyssey is a member of the
Colorado Autism Society, Colorado Autism Commission
and Mesa County Autism Task Force
ABA Board Certified Provider Applied Behavior Analysis

For information contact
Darla Green at 970-244-5520
Sarah Sharp at 970-256-8658

Core Values

Family and existing support networks are an integral part of the team, which is composed of professionals from a wide range of disciplines who work in collaboration with local, state and national organizations to implement “best practices”. The action plan is continually reviewed and modified as needed.


The first step is the intake meeting where needs will be identified. Evaluation is then available for the development of an “action/life plan” designed to assist in service implementation. This process is led by an experienced multi-disciplinary team composed of:
• Assessment for Determination of Autism
• Board Certified Behavior Analyst • Psychologists/Medical Professionals
• Developmental Assessments
• Speech/Language Assessments
• Speech/Language, Occupational and Physical Therapists
• Social Communication Specialists
• MA Special Education – Early Childhood Development
• Care Coordination Management
Families and/or individuals may have previously received evaluation and can discuss service needs, available from a variety of community providers.

Services For Children

• Evaluation and Assessments
• Sensory Processing
• Developmental Intervention
• Behavioral Support Services
• Individual and Family Counseling
• Applied Behavioral Analysis and ABA Skills
• Mental Illness

Services for Adults

• Residential options offering independence with supports to assure
health and safety
• Coaching for household management and skill
• Job/Career Development including interest/
skill assessments, and how to get and keep a job
• Social communication skills enhancement through
social concepts, networking and opportunities for
relationship building
• Behavioral supports and individual and
group counseling